Ducks and Geese 

Waterfowl for Sale!

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Kevin Stalder

Ellsworth, Iowa





We currently have no birds available...please check back in early spring to see what we are expecting!  Thank you



 Various colors (Black, Blue, Chocolate, Brown Ripple, Barred, Pieds, occasionally some white and combinations of all colors).


Delicious table birds and amazing mothers.  Hens raise huge clutches of ducklings on their own and commonly have multiple clutches every year.




Giant Dewlap Africans (Browns and Buffs)

VERY limited availability.


Huge show birds...great dewlaps and the go-to domestic goose that not many have.  This stock is directly from the top breeder in the country.

  Egyptians (Normal Browns and Whites)


PEAFOWL (India Blue, White, White-eyed Pieds, Purples, Purple White-eyed Purple Pieds, Black Shoulders, Opals)  
Red Golden Pheasants  
Several species of exotic waterfowl from around the globe!